Troubleshooting Google Drive Integration

Add Bluedot as a trusted app in your Google Workspace to avoid issues with the Google Drive integration.
Written by Dima
Updated 4 months ago

If you receive a 400 admin_policy_enforced error it means your organization has restricted the ability of third-party providers to connect to Google services. To resolve it you will need to add Twiso as a trusted app.

How to add Twiso as a trusted app
1. Login to your Google Workspace’s admin console.

2. Navigate to Security > API controls > Manage third-party app access

3. Click the Configure new app dropdown, and select OAuth App Name or Client ID

4. Enter Twiso and click Search

5. Select the Twiso app and then check the OAuth Client ID. Click Select

6. Check Trusted: Can access all Google services and click Configure

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